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The story of The Spice Shop starts in 1990 when, whilst studying at Univer-
sity for an International Business degree, Birgit Erath needed to supplement
her income. Starting as a weekend sideline with a spice stall on Portobello
Road the business soon became her main occupation.

In 1995 on finishing her degree she found a local shop on the corner of Porto-
bello Road and Blenheim Crescent. Within shouting distance of her original
market stall the shop made an excellent base to grow the business.

Over the years her reputation as a spice trader grew, blending and mixing
herbs and spices to her own recipes. Today, The Spice Shop offers a range of
over 2,500 products and is the only shop of its type in the UK. Many chefs
and famous TV cooks frequent the shop and draw upon Birgit's skills 
as a source of inspiration and recipe ideas.

As well as running the shop Birgit also teaches at Books for Cooks (opposite
the shop) and advises major food corporations and manufacturers.